Liscio Liscio Ginseng Oil


Double ginseng extract ingredients, it takes 2190 days to extract, a bottle of 80% ginseng extract can improve skin elasticity, wrinkles, pores and other problems * Has been conducted by 34 Asian women at the age of 20-49 for 3-week experiment and proved effective!

* Repair the skin barrier function, often prone to redness, dry peeling, sensitive skin and dry sensitive skin can be used to rebuild the skin barrier and increase resistance
* Stimulates collagen regeneration
* Effective “V” line lifts the contours of the muscle surface
* Anti-aging, resist free radicals
* Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
* Moisturizes for up to 24 hours
* Penetration rate of skin bottom layer is as high as 98.9%
* Reduce wrinkles
* Brighten skin 3 levels
* Inhibit melanin
* Lighten dark spots, freckles
* All natural plant extracts 0 spices 0 added

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