I’ve only been eating it for about two weeks and it’s so effective! Improved the dark skin caused by staying up late before, obviously brightened two color numbers, dark circles under the eyes also faded, the whole person looks more energetic, skin more elastic!



After taking Liscio for 22 days, my skin sensitivity was improved. The red acne scar disappeared and my skin was smooth again!


I’m so busy at work that I don’t have time to take care of my skin, which is dull and looks like I’m worn out. Fortunately, Liscio Liscio gave me time to save my skin and make it look beautiful.


I don’t have the habit of putting on lotion, and I don’t know how to take care of my skin, so my girlfriend introduced me to Liscio Liscio, which she said would fix my acne, and after 28 days it did.


The hormone face caused by the wrong product ? went to the beauty salon for many times and did not get improved. Fortunately, after a friend introduced me to Liscio, I took a month to improve the hormone face that I have been troubled for many years ?


I love Liscio Liscio! Only to eat more than two months pores become super young! And also improve my law tattoo problem! You look so good! People call me sister when I go out now!


I eat every morning and evening, a day to eat two, 30 days freckles fade,

the skin actually still have luster feeling! Really surprised me!


Gave birth to a few blain blain, the hand runs to squeeze the result to become black print to won’t disappear over there ?

Eating Liscio acne is a small matter, the skin is also white

Mei Mei

I just eat 5 days, even straight male husband praised me to say the skin changed good, complexion is different ?

Dark circles under the eyes are also much lighter


Ate for a month, the hand can also become white a color ? and the skin feels slippery every day


The skin can be red originally and work outside all the year round to have freckles, ate a month to improve a lot of oneself feel feel is not the same!

Yan Mei:

Improve my pouch problem! Need not go to inject can eliminate eye bag, the skin is also tight send a lot of, the hyaluronic acid that uses to eat originally is as good as the effect that inject!


It’s really convenient to eat this Liscio, it’s really convenient for guys, I’m lazy so I take this for 3 seconds and it really solves the acne problem.

Fei Fei:

Ate 14 days, the acne scar that leave before desalt a lot also is to have whitened a lot! Very like this, no smell, the effect is good, love maintenance OF I will continue to eat ?


My skin is super sensitive, Liscio Liscio saved me ❤️ you see my skin before you know I was so serious


I used to have really bad skin with pimples and pus. Taking Liscio Liscio in just 21 days is a huge improvement! I never thought Liscio Liscio would do that for me


My skin used to be really yellow and dull, but I didn’t realize this before, until I took Liscio, I realized that my skin can be so good!

Mei Si:

Before I went to play whitening needles can not see the effect, with a dubious mentality to eat Liscio, did not expect to really help me white! It used to be super dry, but now it’s not. It feels slippery


As a sensitive acne muscle, I dare not use any skin care products and can only rely on internal skin care. I am glad to meet Liscio Liscio so that I can improve acne pits


After taking Liscio for 20 days, the effect is very good. It weakens the acne scar, but the skin is much whiter! Believe that continue to eat skin acne will improve the problem!


Ate almost a month of time, the skin is a lot of white and pore has become smaller ??


The blain blain of right face prints desalinate more, have to grow new blain blain! Good ?


Acne oily skin, really want to cry every day to see that face so rotten, eat Liscio for 3 months of time to recuperate really thank Liscio to save my rotten face!


During Mco, there is no way to go to the beauty salon to wash your face. Fortunately, Liscio can adjust the problem of acne! Not going to the beauty salon is not a problem!


My left cheek is as smooth as my right! And white through red ? freckles all disappeared!


It’s only a difference of 10 days. I’m so happy I don’t have to have an injection and my skin is smooth and bright! Save a lot of money ?


Ate 2 weeks skin burnish, black spot also had desalinate a few ?


My skin was originally acne, but after taking Liscio for only two weeks, my skin is very smooth, and my acne and dryness have also improved!


My skin is very dry and cracked, so dry and cracked that some snakeskin problems have been worrying me for a long time. I never thought my skin could become so smooth without snakeskin after just 60 days of eating!


Did not think of even feet can become white, who said feet can not love the United States, can not want to become white ?


Ate a month skin to have become white really, and the pock pit that left before has become light!

Chen Xiao:

After washing my face once, I didn’t go there. It hurts too much. Now, I can eat Liscio without washing my face to eliminate acne.


I improved my dull skin and dark circles under my eyes within a month and now my skin is bright and smooth!

Shi Man:

A month of effect, decree lines directly desalinate! Very happy, blain blain scar all dilute!

Le Qi:

On the face all the time come back to give birth to blain blain, ate two weeks skin unexpectedly good! Acne is not born!


Ate the effect of 26 days, the original acne has repaired a lot of now only a little red, I believe that after eating a complete course of skin good!


The skin is too thin so it will be red to see red bloodshot, this problem really bothered me for a long time! Also delicious Liscio half a month red blood silk is less and the skin is white!


The blain on the face still has a few, but the skin is obviously a lot of white just 2 weeks have such effect! Already happy ~~


I’ve really tried a lot of products and nothing has worked for my pores! After eating Liscio for three weeks you can feel your pores getting smaller! But also have a kind of ruddy ruddy feeling!


Acne oily muscle, I always have acne, eat Liscio for about two months, my acne is significantly reduced, even before leaving scar marks are eliminated!


After eating for 10 days, the blackheads were much less and the skin became smoother!

Chong Lina:

After 4 months of eating, my skin was completely beautiful. There were so many pits and holes, my skin was so smooth that it didn’t even look like I had acne!


There was a little freckle under the corner of my eye. It’s still a little stained but it’s only been two weeks and it’s faded so much! That’s enough~

Tong Tong:

Before the blain blain left imprint, ate a week faded!


Scars and bumps left by The pimple were repaired by Liscio, and the skin was whitened and lightened


After eating for only a month, I can see the improvement of my pores. My skin is very young and not so easy to produce oil. I also feel obviously white!

Cai Feng:

Ate a month, decree grain desalt a lot of! The skin is not as dry as before and the red problem is gone!

Ning Ning:

Collagen effect is better than I eat before! To my surprise, just two weeks and the effect is very obvious ~

Mei Cai:

My skin condition was not very good, I had some acne problems and it was dark. Until I met Liscio, I finally solved the problem that had been bothering me for a long time. After eating for three months, my skin became very smooth and tender!

Jun Xin:

I have tried several types of collagen before, and it didn’t work for several months, but I switched to Liscio for two weeks and saw the effect! Very happy! Solve the problem of dry and dull skin


The freckles under my eyes faded! Overall skin tone is also brightened a lot can feel obviously white!


With the wrong product the skin is directly sensitive to a whole large red, become very no confidence and dare not go out to see people! Fortunately, after my friend introduced me to Liscio, I began to eat Liscio. Liscio repaired my sensitive skin and made my skin turn red.

Wei Si:

Big pores really look old, and in my third week of eating, I can feel the pores on my skin getting smaller!


Before I came into contact with Liscio, I thought my skin did not need any nutritional products. Only after eating Liscio did I know that my skin could be better and my pores could be younger. Now my skin is white and smooth, which I am very satisfied with!


Ate 3 days, blain blain has little to give birth to, skin feeling feels to go up also more slippery!


This is the difference that I ate 3 days, eat morning and evening! The effect is very good. I like it very much. It is obvious that the skin is lighter and whiter.

Pei Shan:

Eat a week or so, the skin white a lot, also feel very moist very moisture!

Ying Wei:

The skin is a little sensitive grow a small blain originally, ate skin of one or two months to repair slowly ~ even if did not go to beauty parlor, also can repair!


No record of the words really do not know, only 7 days on the skin bright!


Feel the skin becomes more delicate, more smooth and tender!

Xiao Wei:

The skin is very dry, very dull and there are many spots, I eat more than three months now, the skin is really visible to the naked eye, good and bright, women should live to maintain to the old!


Eat a week when I feel the skin becomes very moisture, also changed to a more bright luster sense!

Ni Si:

These spots followed me on the face for decades, thought not to be saved originally, who knew to eat about two months time has so obvious effect!


I had dark spots on my face, but it was not too obvious. After eating them for a month, they faded away. Now I am eating them every day, hoping to keep the skin of 20 years old when I am 30 years old!

Mei Duo:

I forgot how much I had eaten, and all of a sudden I looked and the crow’s feet disappeared! But I’ve been eating for two weeks and I can feel my face getting tighter!


Liscio was introduced to me by my friends, and I ate it for two weeks, and it tasted good!


Before the hormone imbalance, the whole big burst of acne the whole person is not confident, do not have the courage to go out very afraid of people to see my face, but slowly after Liscio’s recuperate acne did not have even acne scar did not leave!


It took me three months to see this effect, and I was really surprised because I tried a lot of methods and I couldn’t get the effect I wanted, but this Liscio really worked!


I’ve been eating it for about 4 months, you know, you absorb it slowly as you get older and you’ve been eating it for about 4 months and you’ve got this effect, great!

Si Ning:

A large spot on the face, really just eat this oral hyaluronic acid is good, very magical!


I really don’t like the spots on my face. I have been eating Liscio for a month and it has really faded a lot. Now, although there is still a little bit, it is not obvious!


I have my own whitening needle, after eating Liscio, the effect is whiter than I hit whitening needle, and the price is affordable!

Li Ya:

I didn’t believe it at first, but it was really effective! Recommend you!

Xin Si:

After eating a member course of treatment, the feeling becomes young, crow’s feet also desalinate a lot of, the skin also is to have brightening to become fair-skinned!

Fang Min:

The edible oral hyaluronic acid amazes me! The effect is really excellent! Eat can change young, eliminate lines!


After eating for 3/4 months, the skin became white and crow’s feet disappeared, as if the years had not left traces on the face!