Lim Ying Ying

The new era of women entrepreneurs

The spirit of taking risks without fear of failure;

Naturally curious and adventurous, discovering meditation listen;

Quick sharp insight, focus on listening and seeking solutions;
Pure and honest feedback, and play a new era of the listener.

A beautiful face cannot be maintained by external skin care products and cosmetics alone. It is also closely related to the food we eat. The founder introduced 2-in-1 lady grade oral hyaluronic acid, which uses the most natural, purest and most efficient natural ingredients, can significantly improve skin condition within a few days of ingestion.
Ultraviolet light, pollution, life stress, smoking, bad eating habits, lead to self-regulation system imbalance, are the main reasons for skin defects. When the body toxin can not be excreted normally, long-term accumulation, it will be shown on the skin.
The loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the body leads to freckles, wrinkles, large pores, dull, acne, and fatigue and weakness. Maintenance is for ladies, because don’t let the years leave traces on your face.

judge another person’s feelings by one’s own, Sincere to each other, listen to the needs of guests, put yourself in the client’s position to solve problems.

Brand Concept

It turned out to be more restrictive

The establishment of the brand is not only a business, but more importantly, it is a new platform for retail entrepreneurship, enabling more people to start their own business and own their own business. At the same time, with the establishment of exclusive e-commerce platform and the development of offline flagship bricks-and-mortar stores, the company combines online and offline brands so as to promote the brand to various markets.

The process of starting a business is never easy, but I am grateful for all the good and bad people and things, because it is part of the process of growing up. Only by constantly absorbing experience and learning from experience can we go further in the future. I would like to thank the LISCIO partners for working together all these years to set the first and only record in the industry.

In the future, the company will actively develop education and cultivation talents. Focus on the development of wechat business, e-commerce and physical stores, and integrate the resources of the three development projects, and strive to become the new retail leader in Malaysia.


Commitment – the courage to make a commitment, give customers the greatest confidence, and treat with respect to adhere to the use of 100% authentic raw materials, the most non-added nutritional food hyaluronic acid & collagen peptide.


To become an international and a diversified and beauty products brand. To lead the way innovation and become the first of the Malaysian beauty industry. To provide customers with the professional products and services, so that customers get the ideal results.


Train the best professionals, provide the highest standard of products and services, enhance the value of personal life and quality of life. Share achievements and practice dreams with fellow employees.